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Logic Pro Vaporizer

  • One pack of capsules provides 25% more puffs than a traditional 10ml refill bottle
  • Pre-filled, sealed e-liquid capsules provide safety and consistency
  • Simply change the capsule to change the flavor
  • Intelligent lock system stops accidental activation

Traditional Vaporizer

  • Traditional clearomizers last 3–4 weeks
  • May leak, leading to messes and unsafe handling of e-liquids
  • Chance of spilling and wasting e-liquid while refilling
  • Wicks and low quality metals lead to poor taste

Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System official launch video

Logic Pro independent review by Chris Romano

Discover Why We’re Number One

The Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System is worth a try. The system combines improved vaporizer technology and e-liquid that utilizes the Logic formula that made it the top-selling e-cig in convenience stores throughout the US. The pen and e-liquid create a winning combination that produces rich vapor and great taste that is sure to impress you. We believe that it is a much better vaporizer system than all other vaporizers for a much better price.

The Difference Between Vaporizer Pens, E-Cigs & E-Vapes

The Logic Pro Vaporizer pen, Logic Electronic Cigarettes and e-vape devices offered by other manufacturers are different devices with different characteristics. However, studies usually lump them into one group. Let’s break these products down in a way that makes it easy to understand the alternative vaping experiences available today.

Logic E-Cigs and the Logic Pro Vaporizer are both filled with Logic’s exclusive e-liquid comprised of premium, three-time distilled oils that produce a rich flavor of menthol or tobacco, without the thousands of toxins present in a traditional cigarette. Whereas Logic E-Cigs have small batteries, a prefilled cartomizer and are designed to look and feel like a traditional or “real” cigarette, the Logic Pro Vaporizer—commonly called a vape pen or e-vape—has a larger battery paired with a pre-filled capsule and a sleek metallic design. A typical e-vape device from other manufacturers consists of a vape pen with a chamber that requires manual refilling with e-liquid.

The Pre-Filled Advantage

Our Logic e-cigs and Logic Pro Advanced Vaporizers come prefilled, making them much safer and cleaner than other brands that sell refill bottles for do-it-yourself filling. This means no accidental exposure to children or pets, contaminants, or concerns about sourcing.

The pre-filled e-liquid capsule found in the Logic Pro Vaporizer is a big change in both the quality and convenience of the e-vaping system. The Logic Pro Vaporizer System works with easy-to-use, vacuum-sealed, pre-filled, e-liquid capsules. This ensures you have the same quantity and quality each time you vape. Plus, you don’t have to carry around a bottle to refill your vaping device. The Logic Pro Vaporizer offers you “grab and go” convenience. You can take a refill capsule with you when you travel to ensure you never run out.

How it Works

The nicotine-infused e-liquid is heated quickly by the atomizer to the point of becoming vapor rather than organic material actually burning. This produces an inhalable vapor that delivers nicotine and flavor. The Logic Pro Vaporizer produces much more vapor than Logic e-cigs and feels “fuller”. If you prefer a fuller smoking experience, then vaping with the Logic Pro Vaporizer should be your pick.

Getting Started

The first step to start vaping is to purchase the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System Starter Kit. The kit comes with a vaping pen, rechargeable battery, USB charger and wall charger for a price of $22.93.

In order to start vaping, you need to purchase your choice of pre-filled, e-liquid capsules. Logic offers four choices: 1) Platinum Label Tobacco Flavor (2.4% nicotine); 2) Platinum Label Menthol Flavor (2.4% nicotine); 3) Black Label Tobacco Flavor (1.8% nicotine); and 4) Black Label Menthol Flavor (1.8% nicotine). The e-liquid capsules are offered in a package of 3 for $11.03.